TeamWe are La Hora del Cuento

A team of professional English teachers from diverse backgrounds, joined by a common love of storytelling.

We believe engaging multiple disciplines and student participation is the best way to learn.  Coming from the United States and England, we apply our unique skillsets to every activity, resulting in a dynamic and fun event that will get your students talking.  Meet our team below!

Katharine Cannings

Katharine has worked for 15 years in different teaching and storytelling projects in English.  She is the founder of La Hora del Cuento and is the director of the business Glow Learning, an English books and games distributor and consultant for educational centres.  She is passionate about children’s literature, traveling and tapas, and is mother to two bilingual children.

Tess Chardiet

Tess joined La Hora del Cuento at the beginning of 2018.  She has 10 years’ experience working with children in the United States and Spain in many different contexts, from school tutoring to one-on-one English classes to teaching and directing theater.  She enjoys reading, drawing, acting, and playing Ultimate Frisbee.

Jackie Koester

Jackie has a degree in theater and is an actress and improvisor currently active in the only English-speaking improv group in Madrid.  She has been teaching English for 7 years.  She loves travel and the arts, but she also has a highly competitive side and will try to win any board game or sport she plays.